Business and educational organizations around the world are faced with an unexpected challenge this year. During the pandemic, as people all over the world are encouraged to practice social distancing, business leaders, employees, and training professionals try to figure out how to keep their operations running and transition their work online. To help them go virtual, businesses need online systems that facilitate their company’s processes and make remote work and collaboration much easier and productive. Managing DACUM workshops physically is one such process that is being greatly affected during this time.

For more details about what DACUM is, check out DACUM 101.


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Virtualizing the DACUM process

A lot of DACUM workshops were registered to take place in 2020 but have been delayed or canceled due to the uncertain situations caused by the pandemic. The canceled workshops will eventually impact training and curriculum development for many companies. And the uncertainty regarding the future of physical gatherings has only increased the importance of a virtual DACUM system.

Aidematic is a web-based job analysis platform that is one of its kind in the market. Even before these challenging times, Aidematic has been helping its users to manage and carry out their job analysis processes virtually. To learn more about challenges solved by Aidematic, read here.


Conducting Virtual DACUM with Aidematic

We have designed a working solution to help you facilitate and manage your DACUM process virtually, from scheduling the workshop to curriculum development. A high-level overview of how Aidematic helps you to do that is given below:


Scheduling DACUM Workshop

The process starts by scheduling a DACUM workshop in Aidematic. You can schedule the workshop by providing the following details

  1. Date and time for the workshop
  2. Meeting URL which is a unique URL to your virtual meeting room. Note: Aidematic does not have an in-built video conferencing functionality and relies on external tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other.
  3. Email contacts of your participants and their roles (facilitator, expert worker, or recorder)

Once a workshop is scheduled, Aidematic sends the participants timely reminders via email about the workshop, shares the meeting room URL, and also provides access to Aidematic platform’s studio page and DACUM profile page, depending on their role during the process.


Aidematic’s Administrative Studio

A studio in Aidematic is a control room for DACUM facilitators and recorders to build a DACUM profile. The control room allows the facilitator to perform all the activities that are performed in a manual DACUM workshop. It contains all the information and tools that a facilitator needs to run the session:

  1. List of all participants who have joined the session
  2. Uploading media attachments to share required orientation material
  3. A collaboration board to answer any questions posed by the participants
  4. Storyboarding identified duties and tasks, sequencing them as required, and storing additional information such as duty description, task steps, criticality, frequency etc.
  5. Access a central and comprehensive competency library to attach skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes
  6. Run surveys before, during, or after the session to collect expert worker opinions
  7. Define tools and equipment and future trends for the DACUM profile

Read more details about the DACUM profile studio.


Aidematic’s Digital DACUM Profile

Aidematic provides the viewers with a digital DACUM profile which is updated every time a change is made by the facilitator or recorder to the profile. This allows all participants to have access to the updated content. The expert workers can:

  1. View the storyboard of duties and tasks being added and sequenced
  2. Access the list of competencies being attached
  3. Respond to any surveys run by the facilitator
  4. Playback any media files attached to the DACUM profile
  5. Participate in the discussion board to share brainstorming ideas, maintain personal notes, post questions, etc.

Read more details about the digital DACUM profile.


Aidematic’s Insights Dashboard

This is an administrative dashboard for a DACUM profile that can be accessed by the facilitator anytime to view a high-level overview of the process. It displays details such as participants involved, the total number of duties, tasks, competencies, and media attachments for a DACUM profile. It also shows charts for task levels in terms of criticality, frequency, importance to train, etc.

Read more details about the insights dashboard.


DACUM Facilitation Services

Aidematic is a digital transformation company that helps you to perform DACUM virtually by offering its software services. We do not provide DACUM facilitation but here is a list of renowned institutes worldwide that do: Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE), Canadian Vocational Association, Southeast Community College, Eastern Kentucky University, and iCapital Africa institute, among others.

Aidematic has been solving challenges to help its users to perform their job analysis process virtually. If you are interested to know how Aidematic can help you with your DACUM process during these challenging times, then drop us a message and we will be in touch with you shortly.



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