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Job profile details

You will see here a brief overview of the job analysis session under progress and the job profile being created.


In the overview section, you can see:

  1. The number of participants involved in this session.
  2. The total number of duties, tasks, and competencies created for this job profile.

Session details

In the session details section, you can see:

  1. The status of the session; whether the session is scheduled, under progress, or completed.
  2. A summary description of the session, what it is about, and the details about the job under analysis.


You can chat with other participants who are invited to this session using this chat section. You can send messages to share your opinions and thoughts about the job under analysis, lists possible duties and tasks, etc. You can also delete the messages that you post.


Attachments tab shows the following two sections:

Media files

You will see a list of media files here if they have been attached to this session by the administrator. Media files can be added to provide helpful orientation material to expert workers or other useful resources about the job under analysis. You can click on the icon provided against each media file to view it in a new tab.


You will the list of surveys here if they have been attached to this session by the administrator. Surveys can be used to collect initial opinions, verify created tasks, and gather feedback about the session. You can click on the icon provided against each survey to view it and respond in a new tab.

Brainstorming board

On the main canvas of the job profile, a tab for Brainstorming is given. There are two sections under Brainstorming right now:

Collaborative whiteboard

For brainstorming, your participants have access to a collaborative whiteboard where they can create a freehand drawing, drop shapes, images, insert text, tables, and more. All session participants can use this whiteboard at the same time, and live changes will be auto-saved and reflected throughout the session. 

View-only notes section

Your expert workers can view the data being added to the notes section of the brainstorming board by a facilitator or recorder of the session. This is not editable by the expert workers, rather it acts as a flip notepad board.

Duties and tasks board

As duties and tasks are being created for the job profile on a storyboard by the facilitator, those changes are reflected on the canvas under the Duties and tasks tab. By default, four duties are shown on the canvas, and you can use the navigation buttons given at the top right corner to change pages of duties and tasks.

You can view the details of a specific duty and task by clicking on its title as well.

Competencies board

Competencies are added to the job profile to define the necessary skills, knowledge areas, behaviors, and abilities of a worker performing this job role. So all such competencies that your facilitator adds to the job profile, they can be viewed under the Competencies tab on the canvas.

The containers show the group the competencies belong to, and all the selected competencies are contained in them.

You can view the details of a specific competency by clicking on its title.