Starting discussion

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Starting discussion

A unique multi-threaded discussion board is given for each session where all participants can post messages and collaborate. The session participants can start new threads as well as reply to any existing thread. The discussion board is accessible from the studio as well as job profile playback.

This discussion board can be used for the purpose of brainstorming in a job analysis session, where facilitator or recorder can start multiple threads on the board (one for each duty, task, or subject area – as required), and ask the session’s expert workers to leave their responses as comments under each thread. The posted threads and their comments can also be gathered on the brainstorming board as needed by the facilitator or recorder. Read more about brainstorming here.

From the studio, the board will be displayed by default, but you can use the icon given at the top right corner to collapse and expand the board as required.

Starting a new thread

You can start a new thread in a discussion board by following these steps:

  1. Click on the textbox given at the bottom right corner.
  2. Type your message
  3. Click on Publish

Viewing comments on a thread

You can show/hide the comments added under a thread by clicking on the text highlighted below:

Commenting on a thread

A user can leave comments on any thread in a discussion board. To leave a comment on a thread simple, click on the Comment text on a thread and a textbox will appear below it. Type your message and click Publish to post your comment.

Deleting a thread or comment

A user can delete their own thread or reply from a discussion board. To delete your thread or reply, click on the overflow icon and click Delete. Deleting a thread that has comments will also delete all comments below it.