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Updating organization settings

These settings allow you to update your organizational details as they are used in different workflows in the application. Only an administrator can view and update the organization settings so make sure you are logged in with a user that has an administrative role.


Your organization settings contain sensitive information and it is suggested that they are updated with supervision, otherwise, some important workflows in the application might behave unexpectedly.   

You can access and update these settings by taking the following steps: 

  1. Launch Aidematic application 
  2. Sign in with Administrator credentials 
  3. Click on Settings tab given on the lower side of the left navigation panel 
  4. Click on Organization from the list 
  5. This is your Organization’s Settings page. You can perform the following actions on this page.

Updating organization details 

In this section, you can provide the organizational contact details that will help Aidematic to contact you regarding your account whenever needed. These details comprise of 

  1. Organization Name: provide the name of your organization. Your organization name is also used in multiple places throughout the application. For example, in a job profile, a user profile, or while sending out emails, your organization name is included.   
  2. Email Address: provide an email address that will help Aidematic to contact you. 
  3. Phone Number: provide a valid phone number that will help Aidematic to contact you. 

After updating these details, click on the Save button given and you will get a success notification ‘Organizational details have been updated.’   

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