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About job profile

While you’re preparing data from within a job analysis session studio, a job profile is being constructed that shows all this data in one place. This job profile is visible to the stakeholders and expert workers involved in the process, where they can view all data as well as collaborate and leave comments through the discussion board.

The live updates being made to the job profile from within the studio are reflected on the job profile being viewed by your stakeholders. So, every time a recorder or facilitator updates the job profile and clicks Save in the studio, the changes will be reflected on the job profile being accessed by the viewers.

Important note

Live updates of a job profile are only reflected when the job analysis session’s staus is set to in progress. Once you have changes the session status to scheduled or completed, the live updates will not be reflected on the output profile, and the user will have to refresh the page to see the updated results.

A job profile is the final outcome of your analysis process.

Following users have access to a created job profile in Aidematic:

  1. All administrators
  2. Contributors who have been invited to the session as a facilitator or recorder
  3. Viewers who have been invited to the session as an expert worker

This is what a typical job profile in Aidematic looks like:

You can navigate over to the Brainstorming tab and view the brainstorming content being added to the job analysis session by the facilitator or recorder of the session.

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