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About job analysis session studio

In Aidematic, you can schedule job analysis sessions to perform your job analysis process and invite various participants to collaborate with you. Each session has a studio that acts as a control room for all your analysis activities.

Important note
  1. As of now, only one user can manage the studio at a time. If multiple users are working on the same job profile at the same time in the studio, they will not be able to see each other’s changes. Contrary to this, all changes made to the session from the studio will be reflected live on the playback page as you hit the Save button after making your changes. See here how you can access this playback page from within the studio.
  2. Live updates of a job analysis session are only reflected on the playback page when the job analysis session’ status is set to In Progress. Once you have changed the session status to scheduled or completed, the live updates will not be reflected on the output profile, and the user will have to refresh the page to see the updated results.

Job analysis session studio

Once your session starts, you can perform multiple activities in session studio to build your job profile, such as:

  1. Post messages in a discussion board which is accessible by all participants
  2. Brainstorm ideas with your members
  3. Storyboard the duties and tasks being identified 
  4. Attach competencies such as the skills, knowledge areas and behaviors 
  5. Trigger surveys to collect expert opinions and for the sake of verification 
  6. Upload and attach any relevant media files to this job profile 

Following users have access to a job analysis session studio in Aidematic:

  1. All administrators
  2. Contributors who have either created the session or have been invited to the session as a facilitator or recorder by someone else

This is what a typical job analysis session studio in Aidematic looks like:

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