Deleting a custom field

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Deleting a custom field from a resource

Deleting a custom field from a resource permanently deletes the field as well as the data stored against all instances of that resource for this field. For example, if you delete a created custom field against the job analysis session resource, then all the data gathered against this field in all created sessions will also get deleted. So be careful about the fields you delete. 

To delete any custom fields, follow these steps:

  1. Select the fields that you want to delete. You can also select multiple fields if you want to perform a bulk deletion
  2. Select Delete from the dropdown actions
  3. A confirmation message will appear. If you still wish to delete the custom fields and all its data, enter the title of your portal and the Delete button will get enabled so you can click on it
  4. A success notification will appear that the custom fields have been deleted.


If you delete an accordion, then only that accordion is deleted and the containing fields land on the root of that resource form.