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What is a competency?

We usually see some variation in how people define competencies. In Aidematic, we consider a skill, knowledge, ability, or any other enabler which is critical for the effective performance of a job as a competency.

What do we offer?

We provide you a platform to better manage your competency data and profiles. We do not provide built-in competencies or competency framework but empower you to create or import your own pre-built competency framework in our platform.

We also integrate with existing, publicly available competency data providers like Emsi skills, and we are open to integrating with any vendor providing competency data. We can integrate with any vendor having REST API or having their competency data exposed in CSV format.

Single level and multi-level competencies

As of now, our platform only supports single-level competencies. We understand the importance of multi-level competencies and that is why we are going to provide the ability to create multi-level competencies in our platform in the upcoming release.

Once this feature comes out, you will be able to attach a level of competency to a job profile, duty, or task. This will give you more control and power to develop accurate competency profiles for a job. Please see “What is coming up next for this feature?” section to better understand where this feature is heading.

Group and competency data model in Aidematic

Aidematic allows you to store various groups in your competency library and create competencies within those groups. It is entirely up to you how you choose to name and describe these groups and competencies. The data that we allow you to store for group and competency includes:


  1. Title: Provides name of the group
  2. Description: Provides description of what this group is about


  1. Title: Provides name of the competency
  2. Description: Provides a description of the behaviors/skills that an employee will demonstrate on the job
  3. Group: Tells the area this competency belongs to



  1. Title: Worker attitudes
  2. Description: These are the worker behaviors and traits that are necessary to effectively perform a job role.


  1. Title: Accountability
  2. Description: Being accountable and passing on accountability for one’s own actions and those of colleagues and the organization.
    Behaviors are given below
    1. adheres to deadlines and appointments
    2. is transparent when he anticipates problems or errors
    3. delivers work on time and as agreed
    4. takes responsibility for mistakes

Note: A group can have as many competencies as you need.

Advantages of using our platform to manage competencies

Easy integration

We allow you to easily integrate with any competency vendor or the type of competency data that they provide. When using our platform, you are not locked with a single competency provider. There are few systems out there who provide you a central platform to manage competencies, but they do not have the ability to integrate with other competency frameworks nor they allow you to customize their data. This is not the case in Aidematic as we can integrate with any competency framework available out there.

Preserve customized data

When you integrate with a competency data provider, most organizations need to customize it according to their own requirements. But if the provider chooses to send a release update, your customized data is at the risk of getting compromised. For this reason, our platform ensures that with every new release given by your provider, your competency framework is transformed to accept the changes that they send without actually impacting any data in your system.

Create competency-based job profiles

You can create detailed job profiles and attach competencies to it from your competency library. Throughout our platform, you will link competencies from this library, which will help you to control your competencies centrally. Any improvement made to a competency centrally will be automatically reflected in all places where that competency is attached.

Generate cross-reference matrix reports

This is a helpful feature when you want to see which duties, tasks, or job profiles a competency is attached to. Conversely, you can also see the list of all competencies that are attached to a job profile, or its duties and tasks. This cross-reference matrix is widely used by organizations and community colleges to create training and curriculum maps.

What is coming up next for this feature?

Below listed features are targeted in upcoming releases, and they can be prioritized according to customer needs:

Multi-level competencies

You will have the ability to define multiple levels of competency and define behaviors of each level. When this feature is available, you will be able to attach a specific level of competency to a job profile, or its duty or task.

Export competency profile of a job

Right now, we only allow export of a complete job profile which includes job profile details, such as its duties and tasks. But with this feature release, you will be able to export competency profile of a job separately.

What is the bigger picture of our competencies?

We believe the competency profiles from our system is going to become the basis for:

  1. Developing training programs that address the skills needed for organizational success
  2. Onboarding
  3. Providing a basis for succession planning
  4. Targeting skill gaps for development
  5. Identifying overlapping job roles
  6. Recruitment and selection
    1. Competency-based interview questions
    2. Competency-based assessments
    3. Competency-based smart AI-enabled CV scanner
  7. Identifying skill strengths and gaps of employees
  8. Creating employee development plans

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