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You can start your job analysis session by brainstorming ideas about the job under analysis. Right now, you will find a couple of options under the Brainstorm tab in your session studio for gathering ideas: 

Collaborative whiteboard for visual brainstorming 

For brainstorming, you have a collaborative whiteboard where you can do a freehand drawing, drop shapes, images, insert text, tables, and more. All session participants can use this whiteboard at the same time, and live changes will be auto-saved and reflected throughout the session. Keep in mind that facilitators and recorders will be able to access this whiteboard from the studio, while expert workers will be accessing it from the job profile.  

Usually, people prefer their own brainstorming tool for this purpose as they have grown comfortable with them. If that’s the case with you too, you can simply send us a suggestion and we’ll integrate with your preferred tool, given that they offer integration options. 

Rich text editor for taking notes 

Apart from this collaborative whiteboard, there is a notes section available under the Brainstorm tab as well. This notes section acts as a flip notepad for your session where you can type in content, create lists, highlight and strike off items, and more. Unlike whiteboard, only facilitators and recorders can make changes to this notes section, and these changes must be saved so that they are reflected on your expert worker’s job profile view.  

Other brainstorming options

Another couple of options available for doing brainstorming include: 

  1. One idea is to start a thread for each duty in the discussion board and then ask your participants to comment their ideas for that duty and its tasks under relevant thread.  
  2. You can also use the survey tool to collect initial brainstorming data. You can create a survey and add text-type questions to it, asking about general duties and tasks, and send it to all expert workers who can submit their ideas. 

Once data starts coming in, facilitators and recorders can pick this data from the discussion board and survey responses, and populate it on the brainstorming whiteboard or notes section, however they like.