Design Competency Models

Create competency frameworks to define observable skills, knowledge, abilities and other worker behaviors.

Multi-Level Competencies

Create multiple competency levels and define behaviors for beginner, intermediate or experienced levels.

Link Competencies

Manage competencies centrally and assign them to your job profiles, tasks and trainings as required.

Central Competencies. Easier Management.

Create, update and collaborate on your competency frameworks at one place.

Managing competency data centrally makes the process of updating and maintenance a lot easier because updates made at one place are reflected across all job profiles, tasks and trainings where the competency is used.

Multi-level competency models allow you to define observable skills, knowledge areas, behaviors and abilities of workers performing various job roles and positions.

Design Competency Models

Competencies show the observable skills, knowledge areas and abilities which demonstrate a worker’s behavioral traits while performing their job.

Aidematic allows you to design such data to capture the behaviors at different levels of competence.

Based on its usage, you can also put competencies into different groups such as core competencies, leadership, management, job-specific competencies and more.

Multi-level Competencies

You can define various levels in a competency such as basic, intern, intermediate, senior or experienced professional. At each competency level, a number of descriptors and behaviors can be defined which allows you to define job role requirements.

Created competencies can be added to a job profile, task or training course which helps you to define the level of competence required by the ideal worker of this job role and also providing any training content.

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