Our vision is a world where work expectations are set clear for everyone in an organization and people are given employment opportunities based on their skills and capabilities with constant focus on learning and growth.


Our mission is to design digital solutions that facilitate the development of a productive and competent workforce.

Who We Are

We are a digital transformation company that provides engineering solutions for organizational and workforce development. To achieve this, we provide products that help our customers to digitally manage all data related to work definitions, strategize competency modeling, survey expert opinions, perform training needs analysis, design eLearning trainings and gain insights for workforce planning.

Our Values

Our company’s internal values are pillared on three concepts: transparency, collaboration and growth. We do not only instill these qualities in our team members, but ensure that they are reflected in our processes and our developed solutions. 

At Aidematic, we believe that a transparent, collaborative and growth-driven environment leads to work innovation, product individuality and team integrity, all of which are core drivers for enhancing digital experiences. 

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