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Digital DACUM Profile Management

Carry out DACUM process — a standard job analysis method — to identify the key duties, tasks and competencies involved in performing different job roles. This allows your panel of experts to brainstorm, store, update, distribute as well as digitally manage your DACUM profiles.

Central Competency Management

Centrally create, update and manage multi-level competencies and use them in various job profiles to define the skills, behaviors, knowledge and abilities demonstrated by workers at different job roles. You can also import and utilize skills data from existing competency libraries.

Survey and Questionnaire Analysis

Build your own surveys or use the ones from our extensive library for collecting job data, performing task verification or gauging task importance and frequency. This allows you to gather opinions from global expert workers and gain actionable insights from survey reports.

Introducing Aidematic

In a world where work definitions have widely transformed in the last few years, the process of analyzing job roles from different dimensions is becoming increasingly important. Such identified data becomes the core driver for making informed decisions about various employment procedures in talent lifecycle.

Aidematic does just that by offering a platform for connecting global stakeholders virtually and designing lean job profiles with our easy-to-use studio. Job profiles can contain any form of data including centralized competencies, duties, tasks, complexity levels, media attachments and any other custom data.

Moreover, important job information can be collected and verified using different approaches including board discussions, survey analysis, questionnaires as well as virtual meetings.


Cloud-based Platform

Use cloud-based portals, designed to make navigation and information access faster and easier, with security configurations, roles-based access, custom fields, user management and branding options.

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Central Competencies

Design multi-level competencies centrally and define the skills, knowledge areas and worker behaviors for various job roles and utilize them at different stages of talent analysis.

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User Management

Invite users to collaborate on your job profiles and control access to your portal resources by assigning roles and defining viewer, contributive and administrative permissions for each user.

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Job Profile Studio

Leverage the features of an intuitive job profile studio to comprehensively analyze different job dimensions and collaborate with teams to design work definitions and perform task verification.

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Survey Analysis

Verify and validate your job information by collecting data and feedback from expert workers around the world via surveys about task importance, frequency, importance to train and more.

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Media Attachments

Attach uploaded media assets to job profiles and competencies and enrich your resources with content such as instructional material on specific tasks, compliance or certification requirements and more.

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Central Management

With talent requirements and language constantly changing, it is necessary to have a central and shared digital database for storing and utilizing the same competencies, duties and tasks across different job role definitions.

Geographic Distances

With our cloud-based platform, you can add value to your job analysis process by inviting expert workers from global locations and collaborating to create diverse job profiles with greater importance and viability.

Brainstorming Data

It is rare to have a group of competent and high-performing individuals discuss such intricate details about their occupation, and so we allow you to preserve such data using board discussions and media attachments.

Job Analysis Applications

Use the data gathered during job analysis process as the core driver for all stages of talent management such as recruiting new talent, identifying onboarding tasks, providing training, evaluating performance and more.

Maintaining Versions

With industry requirements constantly evolving, it is important to have digitally stored job profiles where you can review, revisit and update data periodically and maintain job profile versions over time.

Digital Distribution

It is important for all stakeholders to access the most recently updated version of job profile & competency definitions, and so we allow you to create shareable links for these resources and distribute them to your audience.

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